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Workobot offers solutions to CGI projects with different types of clients, audiences and purposes.
We create custom made interactive experiences and animated films.

 Video Games & Apps    

We offer complete solutions to Video Games and Apps developments. We are able to creatively contribute to your project in any development stage, from design to art creation, for entertaining, corporate or  advert purposes.

 BTL Experiences    

We enhance you marketing campaign needs with interactive BTL experiences, using the latest technology trends such as Oculus Rift or Xbox Kinect to promote your brand during and event. With video games and interactive activities, your booth space will standout and generate heavy traffic to connect with your audience and generate brand awareness.

 3D Animation   

We are passionate about storytelling and character animation, and we offer complete solutions for your animated advertising needs.

 Producto Visualization    

With the latest 3D animation techniques, we create highly detailed and realistic product showcase for your marketing needs.

 Architectural Visualization    

We take your architectural visualization needs to the next level using high quality 3D rendering and the latest interactive technologies. We aim for a different approach towards architectural viz, creating a fully interactive and info-graphic solution for customers to relate, understand and appreciate your project.