LG Copa América 2015

Advert Video Game Campaign

LG Electronics Latam launches an Ad campaign during the soccer tournament Copa América 2015 to participate in a trivia penalty soccer game for the highest scores and a chance to win LG Products.

The trivia game is a penalty shootout where participants had to answer correctly LG Product and soccer related questions while a counter takes time of the players speed. For each correct answer, the player scores a goal and gains points according to the time taken. After a 5 question round, the player’s score is saved in the high score table.

Besides the trivia game, we developed an 3d Animated 30 second video of a penalty shootout in an LG Sponsored packed stadium.

Client: LG Electronics
Eikon Digital
Direction: Artic Media
Web Dev: Andrés Vasquez
Web Design: Lina Lucia Cardona